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Our Packages

The system is based on "pay for usage" - Bandwidth, Storage and Emails sent. The software itself is free, and is available only from our private cloud servers.
All standard users are FREE - this includes an email account accessible through the BusinessGT interface.

You must buy credits in advance, and retain a minimum of 2 months credits for future usage. 

Administrators see total usage at any time in Charges & History. 

See the usage (bandwidth and processing) details by person by day in the Admin->Usage Audit Log.
See the file storage sizes at any time - Admin-> Database Size Manager.

Each month we will credit your account with 2 credits:

• This will be used to offset any charges made as below.

Expect to be charged on a monthly basis for:
• Every 500Mb of bandwidth and processing = 1 Credit:
• Each 500Mb of storage for 1 month = 1 Credit;
Your system may send up to 100 emails daily Free (receiving email is free). 
1 credit for each part of additional 100 emails sent, daily. 

A Micro-business - of one person and a book-keeper (say) - is likely to enjoy the system entirely Free.
In a year, a small business should expect to consume around 100 credits, with fewer than 5 staff.
For many clients the system costs £25 per year, for everything. 

Learn more on how charging works.

There are numerous really great optional extras.
We also offer higher levels of service - see the shop for more details.

 BusinessGT Rules.pdf

VAT Filing Pack

Just e-file my VAT !

Easy type in your VAT return:

Enough for a year:  

File online: 

·  25 Credits

£25 + VAT

Entrepreneur Pack

Ideal for those using multi-options, or with heavy usage!

You could get some help from us,

we could build your forecast and cash flow...

·  100 Credits 

£98 + VAT

Business Pack

For businesses with over 10 users, heavily using the system, with high levels of traffic!

·  500 Credits

£475 + VAT

GT Pack

Best priced deal:

·  1,000 Credits

£900 + VAT


Buy Credits

You will receive 4 free Credits as your system is set up (2 months' charges).

The minimum monthly charge is:

1 credit a month for Storage, and 1 Credit a month for Bandwidth/Processing.

So for most businesses, the entire system will cost 2 credits a month (less than £25+vat per year).

FOR VAT - HMRC requires your e-filing to be secure (HTTPS):

HTTPS security is included for a sub-domain of / .net / .eu:


For use on your own main domain: there is a set up of 25 Credits, and a monthly charge of 2 credits.