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Higher Levels of Service

Free operation for 2 months - your system is set up with 4 FREE credits at the start 

minimum charges are - 1 Credit for 500Mb bandwidth, 

and - 1 Credit for 500Mb of SSD storage,

and - 1 Credit for every extra 100 email system sends per day (or part).

Business growing? Need more resilience? Here are some options to consider:

High Availability Web Servers

The standard offering of the service is on our public facing servers,that are shared between many users. 
If you wish to have a high level of service, then we recommend that you opt for our HA servers.
We will move your system onto a new database manager, and use load balanced servers to deliver the web user interface. The services are still shared with others, but you will have a much higher level of availability of the system
 and very rarely suffer system outages. 

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 25.00

Dedicated Web Servers

If you want the certainty of availability, then you will need to consider dedicated servers. 
This option allows you to specify the number of dedicated load balanced servers you need.

Normally, one web server is adequate because our servers operate in a Resilient environment, and if one fails, then its replica can be brought up to operate within 5 minutes. One server can deliver sufficient power for a hard working telemarketing call centre team of between 50 and 100. 

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
50.00 50.00

Dedicated Database Server

It is rare for small to medium organisation to need a dedicated database server, as they can handle up to 1,000 heavy users. If the data being consumed or created is large then it may be necessary to hold archive information closely.

We do not imagine that many of our clients will grow so big within 10 years as they would need a dedicated database server - but in case you do: you know that we can deliver it for you.  

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
200.00 150.00