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Welcome to Business GT!

Starting up a business? Already running a business? Great!

Now, to generate real growth and success - 

use a Business System built for the purpose (not a spreadsheet).

A better alternative to Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, SalesForce, and many others.

Why is the pricing so low?
Setting up a business is expensive.
Avoid paying for things you rarely use. 

We minimise our costs by including everything for everyone. Only pay more if you use the system a great deal. Nearly all startups will pay the minimum per year - below £100.

There are no "plug and play" extras, 

and no extra charges per user. Learn more on how charging works



Business GT is a B2B software for start up businesses, and provides the tools you need to be successful.

Including full Accounting, Email, Website, Customer Management and much more. 

Low Cost Business Growth System. Charges are based on usage.

Minimum levels include up to 1Gb Storage and 6Gb Bandwidth (OK for most small co's).

Unlimited Users. 

Minimum from below £100 p.a. + vat